The partners cooperating for the project "Against Exclusion" are the following:


1. Libera Universita del Teatro Monteriggioni SI - Italy (Coordinator)  





laLut is a Centre of Theatre Research and Production operating in Tuscany since 1995. It was born in 1995 in Siena as a group of university students, encouraged by Prof. Lia Lapini and supported by the Municipality of Siena.

laLut completed its starting self-training inviting guest directors as Bob Marchese and Fiorenza Brogi, Italo Spinelli, Virgilio Liberti and Annalisa Bianco, Claudio Morganti, Alfonso Santagata, Jerzy Stuhr, in order to carry out workshops, original plays and performances.

Nowadays it gathers many cultural operators working in different sectors (theatre, music, photography, video) involved in the realisation of: shows, performances, workshops, seminars, festivals, videos.

It produces different projects with the aim to contribute to the cultural and artistic development of the territory, through the diffusion an the promotion of theatre.



2. “ATHENA” Social Care - Greece




 "ATHENA" is a Non-profit, Non-governmental organisation that operates in the field of Social Care. Its main objective is to inform people and create awareness on important social issues.

 The actions of "ATHENA" began with the foundation of two residential homes for psychosocial rehabilitation, THALPOS I & THALPOS II.

 The last years, "ATHENA" has extended its activities on issues concerning the wider field of health (mental and otherwise), child care, human rights and employment are some of the key social issues which the company is active in.

The virtues of goddess Athena inspired us to create the non-profit organization "ATHENA" which has as primary concern social care.

"Wisdom"  is our daily effort to hear the voices of the society and the problems that affect her.

"Strategy"  is our ongoing information and awareness of the public opinion through services and activities that we develop.

"War"  is the battle that we need to make together to mobilize the relevant bodies as well as each one of us individually for a single purpose: to fight all the phenomena that deprive any person of the right for a more quality life!

(Grundtvig Contract Number: 2012-1-IT2-GRU06-37589 4)

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3. LAG Theaterpädagogik Baden-Württemberg e.V - Germany





The LAG (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft) Theaterpädagogik Baden- Württemberg e.V. with its basis in Reutlingen is an non- profit organisation which provides adult education and trainings in the area of drama education (which are certified from BuT, Bundesverband Theaterpädagogik Germany). As a centre of drama education it coordinates and offers further training all over Baden-Württemberg. At the same time the LAG is initiating and participating in many non- profit projects which are offered to children, schools, youth, migrants, unemployed, students, educators, seniors and handicapped people. A highly qualified group of trainers, drama educators and artists are associated with the LAG.



4.  Patronatul Judetean al Femeilor de Afaceri din IMM CLUJ - Romania




County employers of women in small business from Cluj (PJFAIMMC) is an independent, non-political, legal entity established as a private non-profit. The organization was formed in March 2010 following the accession of 17 companies led by women managers aiming to promote and support business women.  The organization¢s mission is to promote and protect human rights and the economic, social, financial, legal and cultural interests of its members in their relations with central and local authorities, trade unions or other organizations, which have responsibilities in any of the areas of interest to members of the association. The organization is involved in social inclusion field too.



5.  Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki Łódź - Poland





The Poleski Art Centre is a self-governing body.  The main aim of the Centre is to meet objectives in the realm of pedagogy, education and dissemination of culture.  Its key objectives include identifying interests and cultural needs, preparing for reception and creation of cultural values as well as forming models and habits of active participation in culture.  We organize exhibitions, we are the organizers of international theatre and art events: the International Biennial “Therapy and Theatre”, the International Wicker Open Air – the Three Dimensional Garden Forms. Annually, the Centre co-organizes together with the Polish Writers Association a Jacek Bierezin National Literary Competition addressed to young writers. The activities of the Poleski Art Centre are aimed at the local community and the citizens of Łódź.  The Festival of Literature organized since 2003 has become a permanent series of events hosting the most distinguished writers.  Permanent forms of work include clubs (Discussion Book Club – a project carried out under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, The Literary Club, the Gourmet Club, the Scrabble Club), courses (a preparatory course for the entrance exam to the Academy of Fine Arts, yoga, fitness) and numerous events, meetings with outstanding representatives of culture and art.

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6.  Lothar Tschapka Training & Coaching KG - Austria

 Private adult education provider
- Founded in 2003
- Based in Vienna, Austria
- Offers Soft Skills training programmes