Against Exclusion 

A "heptalogue", or play in seven acts 

pro-created, produced and performed  

from September 2012 to September 2014


The participants of the Against Exclusion project



The partner organizations have been selected, the project document written, the venues chosen. The stage is set for the opening night.

A logo has been created.

But wait …

One letter has stepped out of line. The letter ‘C’ has fallen from its place. Why? Has it been excluded? Who will catch it? What does this ‘C’ stand for?

Questions, and more questions. Well, we have two years to find the answers …

The curtain rises inGreece, the cradle of thespian culture. What more fitting venue could there be to launch a project dedicated to helping disadvantaged people through the medium of art and the theatre?


The audience is ready, so …

… curtain up and let the show begin!



Written by

Susan Perkins